Bulletin Number            17742BR

Type of Recruitment     Open Competitive Job Opportunity

Department                   Human Resources Countywide Exams


Exam Number               R2482B

Filing Type                              Open Continuous

Filing Start Date           04/19/2013

Salary Type                   Hourly

Salary Minimum             $18.90

Salary Maximum           $18.90


Position/Program Information

Performs sub-professional duties in information systems technology while enrolled as a junior in an accredited four-year college studying Computer Sciences, Information Technology, or a related field. Positions allocable to this class work on a part-time hourly basis in the Information Technology operation of a department, perform IT-related duties 100% of the time, and work under direct supervision of IT professional personnel. Student Professional Worker, Information Technology, is distinguished from Student Worker, Information Technology by the incumbent's advanced educational training and knowledge. Incumbents assist information technology professional and technical staff in the day-to-day operations within an information systems environment. They are expected to exercise progressively developing skills and knowledge in the Information Technology area in which they are assigned, while enhancing with practical experience their academic preparation for working on a full-time or professional basis in Information Technology. Incumbents must be able to transport, lift, move,

and install computer hardware and software on a routine basis.


Essential Job Functions

Performs a wide-range of technical support duties including configuration of computers, printers, and installation of equipment and applications software, simple maintenance and repair of computers and printers, and identification and resolution of computer hardware and software problems. Assists in preparing test data and test plans, system and program documentation, and in preparing and debugging detailed coding instructions.Assists in monitoring, evaluating, and debugging network systems and coordinates with ITS

regarding possible changes to improve operations and efficiency. Assists in providing end user hardware and software support in a help desk environment. Assists in the development of macros, web pages, and simple modifications to existing software applications. Assists in writing computer programs and provides documentation to streamline information processing and program data analysis. Assists IT staff in the development and dissemination of newsletters, graphics, charts, forms, or handouts during training sessions. Assists in ad hoc report development. Creates, modifies, or maintains simple applications/databases for data, such as training information, budget or departmental data, etc. Provides basic training to department staff on technical topics, software products, and use of utilities. Participates in preparing detailed coding instructions using COBOL or other higher-level computer programming languages.



Current enrollment in an accredited four-year college with specialization in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field and successful completion of 60 semester units or 90 quarter units.


Physical Class Physical Class III Moderate: Includes standing or walking most of the time, with bending, stooping, squatting, twisting, and reaching; includes working on irregular surfaces, occasionally lifting objects weighting over 25 pounds, and frequent lifting of 10-25 pounds.

License(s) Required A valid California Class C Driver License or the ability to utilize an alternative method of transportation when need to carry out job-related essential functions


Special Requirement Information

Applicants must provide proof of current enrollment and academic specialty; i.e., Computer Science,  nformation Technology, or a related field.


Applicants must attach at least one of these required document(s) at the time of filing, such as:

- Copy of official transcript.

- Enrollment verification letter from Registrar's Office. Letter must include student's full name, major, and academic status; i.e. freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior. If hired, candidates must continue to be enrolled and attend school to maintain status in the position.


Accreditation Information Accreditation:

Accredited institutions are those listed in the publications of regional, national or international accrediting

agencies which are accepted by the Department of Human Resources. Publications such as American Universities and Colleges and International Handbook of Universities are acceptable references. Also acceptable, if appropriate, are degrees that have been evaluated and deemed to be equivalent to degrees from United States accredited institutions by an academic credential evaluation agency recognized by The National Association of Credential Evaluation Services or the Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. (AICE).


Examination Content

This examination will consist of a Structured Interview weighted 100% to evaluate Communication Skills, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Self-Management, Analysis and Problem Solving, and Basic Knowledge of Information Technology. Candidates must achieve a passing score of 70% or higher on the interview in order to be placed on the eligible register.


Vacancy Information

The eligible register resulting from this examination will be used to fill vacancies throughout Los Angeles County as they occur.


Eligibility Information

Applications will be processed on an "as-received" basis and those earning a passing score will be promulgated to the eligible register accordingly. The names of candidates receiving a passing grade in the

examination will be placed on the eligible register in the order of their score group for a period of 12 months following the date of promulgation.





Available Shift     Day

Application and Filing Information

All applicants are required to submit a Standard County of Los Angeles Employment Application ONLINE (via electronic submission) ONLY . Facsimile and hard copy applications will not be accepted.


Note: If you are unable to attach the required document(s), you may email them to asim@hr.lacounty.gov and please be sure to indicate in subject line, Student Worker, Information Technology. Or please fax it to (213) 380-3681. This examination is open on a continuous basis and may close at any time as the needs of the services are met. We must receive your application by 5:00 pm, PST, on the last day of filing.  



Apply online by clicking on the link above or below this bulletin that reads, Apply to Job so you can apply online and track the status of your application and get notified of your progress by email. The acceptance of your application depends on whether you have CLEARLY shown that you meet the MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS. Please fill out the application completely and correctly to receive full credit for any job experience. For each job held, give the name and address of your employer, your job title, beginning and ending dates of employment,

number of hours worked per week, salary earned, size of organization, number and composition of personnel

supervised, scope of responsibilities, and functions managed. All information supplied by applicants is subject to verification. Applicants may be rejected at any stage of the selection process.



All applicants MUST enter a valid social security number at the time of filing. Entering anything other than a valid social security (i.e. 000-00-0000, 111-11-1111, etc.) will result in an automatic rejection of your application.


COMPUTER AND INTERNET ACCESS AT PUBLIC LIBRARIES: For candidates who may not have regular access to a computer or the internet, applications can be completed on computers at public libraries throughout Los Angeles County.


NO SHARING OF USER ID AND PASSWORD: All applicants must file their application on-line using their OWN user ID and password. Using a family member of friend's user ID and password may erase a candidate's original application record.


County of Los Angeles Information

View details regarding Employment Eligibility Information, Social Security Act of 2004, Records of Convictions, Veterans Preference Credit, Los Angeles County Child Support Compliance Program, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the California Fair Employment and Housing

Act by clicking on the link below:




Visit http://hr.lacounty.gov to view the above information. Click on Job Info Center Tab, and then click on County of Los Angeles Bulletin Information link under Some helpful links section.


Equal Employment Opportunity: It is the policy of the County of Los Angeles to provide equal employment opportunity for all qualified persons, regardless of race, religion, sex,  ational origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability. All positions are open to qualified men and women pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. The County will make reasonable accommodations.


Department Contact Name              Exam Analyst

Department Contact Phone             213-738-2084

Department Contact Email              asim@hr.lacounty.gov

ADA Coordinator Phone                   213-738-2057

Teletype Phone                                800-899-4099

California Relay Services Phone     800-735-2922

Alternate TTY Phone                       800-897-0077

Job Field                                          Student Workers

Job Type                                          All Others